Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Today the best robot vacuum cleaners are becoming so advanced that if I blink for just a second it’s like a Star Wars set brought to life.

The early models were of course very basic in how they operated and only slightly successful.  Now though they can scurry about when we’re not even at home, vacuum the floors and go recharge themselves ready for their next mission. The future has arrived.

Using technology developed initially by the military for among other things mine clearing, todays robots can navigate their way around the house and over the typically different floor surfaces in the home.  Wood, carpet, tile, vynil and even rugs are no problem.

Most can be pre-programmed to carry out the cleaning at a suitable time – you needn’t even be at home, while other top end models are wifi enabled and may be controlled by an app on smartphones or other devices. Star Wars or what?

To illustrate – check out the video below as the new Neato Robotics Connected with WiFi App function is described. Amazing!

Most Popular Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Brands

  • Vileda
  • RoboVac
  • Neato Robotics
  • iRobot
  • Levipower
  • Miele
  • Agda
  • Samsung
  • Aircraft Vacuums

Top 5 rated Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Product NameImageAverage RatingAverage PriceRead More
Vileda Cleaning Robotvileda robotic vacuum4.4£110
Neato XV SignatureNeato XV Signature4.2£220
iRobot Roomba 620iRobot Roomba 6204.8£350
iRobot Roomba 880iRobot Roomba 8804.7£550
Neato Botvac
WiFi Enabled
Neato Botvac Connected WiFi4.1£550

Vileda Cleaning Robot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

vileda robotic vacuumCurrent Amazon #1 Bestseller.

There are over 80 reviews on this particular Vileda Cleaning Robot and on average it gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

It is officially the bestselling robotic vacuum cleaner on Amazon, recently overtaking the Robovac XD.  At more than £50 cheaper (at present around £100) it is selling like hot cakes.

Buyers were in the main really impressed and surprised with overall performance considering the very reasonable price. Don’t forget it costs only 1/5 of the price of the most expensive robotic vacuum cleaner so don’t expect miracles

As it is a slightly smaller model than most there is also a longer charge time of around 5 hours. Easily handled if you just recharge after use.

With the basic price comes a more basic robot. There is no docking station with the Vileda  so it physically has to be plugged in to allow recharging.

Also it is not programmable so cleaning must take place when someone is home to start the unit.  A dis-advantage yes but then just look at the price.

Read more in our full Vileda Cleaning Robot review here


Neato Robotics Neato XV Signature Robot Vacuum,

Neato XV SignatureThis model is currently discounted by over £100 on the original selling price and can currently be bought for around £220.  It boasts an average review rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, a high result in this catagory.

Unlike most other models, which are circular, the Neato range of robot vacuums have one straight edge. This makes cleaning right into corners possible without any loss of suction and is a big plus over the round cleaners.

Neato Robotics have a fantastic range of models and claim the best suction of all robotic vacuum cleaners.  With a bagless collection bin and high performance filter (great for allergy sufferers) you begin to see what the extra investment can deliver.

One buyer actually said he was enjoying sitting on the floor for the first time in years.

If your budget can stretch a little I think it’s worth the money.

Neato Robotics Neato XV Signature Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Neato XV Signature proObviously the enhanced version of the above XV Signature – hence the ‘Pro’ tag.

If you need even greater protection for allergy sufferers, as I do, the Pro model upgrades to high performance filters and includes combi brush attachments.

Neato claim this gives best possible cleaning with the brush lifting even the most difficult pet hairs, while those nasty dust mites and all their friends are also removed.


Previous Amazon Bestseller: RoboVac XD Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Strange but true. The approval ratings of this RoboVac XD model do not put it in the top 5 table of best robotic vacuum cleaners.

It was, until very recently, Amazon’s bestselling model with 125 reviews and an average approval rating of 4 out of 5 stars from buyers who responded.

Robovac XD robot vacuumAt around £170 it is hard to argue that the RoboVac XD doesn’t provide great value for money. It has been available since early 2014 so has been well floor tested over a good period of time.

The onboard computer and advanced sensors makes sure no part of your floor is left untouched. All you do is charge and turn it on.

With this model I can choose from 5 operating modes as follows: Auto, Spot, Edge Cleaning mode, Mute and ZigZag.

Buyers were very impressed with the cleaning ability of this RoboVac. Charge time lasts around 2.5 hours with a return to charger feature in case you forget.

It also handles dog hairs particularly well.

Any downside? As with any hoover the bag is emptied manually when filled.

A top buy at Amazon.


We hope our brief overview helps you search out the best robot vacuum cleaner for you. Let us know your views.